Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grin Fcuked!!

Bad day at work... The Samurai had pushed himself to the extreme in the last couple of months on the work front. Lot was riding on decisions in the work place. As the urban dictionary would say.. the samurai got 'grin fucked' Meaning - . "In business when someone smiles and shakes your hand assuring you that they have heard and will act upon your recommendation or concerns when in truth you have already been ignored and dismissed."

Well, roll of the dice always does not go your way always and this case it definitely did not... It is funny that sometimes all the hard work and dedication, focus and single mindedness is not enough.. So what does it mean for the Samurai...Should he change his approach? He can't quit fighting hard.. not in his DNA.. so what does he do? What is there to learn in all of this? Here's a few top of the mind items...

Work will be work will be work... If it goes beyond a certain limit.. it will burn you off, kill your drive and drive you nuts really... So maintain that healthy work life balance... Unless you are healthy mentally.. things will not happen.. You will not think clearly... and neither will you be able to give your best...Take time to play or more importantly switch off. Efficiency is the key..Ask yourself at every step.. how does this help me achieve my goals...

Which brings one to the question... what are the goals? I don't think goals should stop at any point... Moment you stop creating your Short Medium Long term goals, you will work like an idiot and really not get anywhere... on any front really... Nothing elaborate.. Just knowing what you are working towards will help immensely...Goals not only professional, but personal... are you learning something? Are you having fun?

All of these blog posts around networking and sales gibberish does not make any sense unless you do something about it.. Lot of trash talk on the web, on blogs .. in books.. really ask yourself.. Do I have a hobby besides work? Am i doing something about it? Is it singing, reading, writing, golf, tennis, cooking, travelling, playing... anything!! Am i broadening my canvas? Or does it have same 2 spots which read - work, home? What am i doing to change it? Time to do some soul searching and asking the tough questions....Time to move to the next level personally.

Will i have the answers... do not know.. Will i do something about it.. DEFINITELY.

Keep reading folks...More to come from the 'grin-fucked' Samurai... :))


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Where is the my time?

Its a funny life i lead... 4 am in the morning and up to wrap up a presentation at 9 am...I wonder.... where is the my time? Is a job so important? I am no longer in the same physical shape as i was 1 yr back! I am now a slave to either my laptop / iphone / blackberry in any order you choose. Is that what life has come to? Where is the time where i am looking at myself and saying...hey this is a personal goal i need to achieve in say 6 months time frame? Is this what i set out to achieve? Is this going to get me to the place i want to be say 10 yrs down the line! Do i even have an eye on my final goal? Am i working towards it?

Am i able to plan my day out? Am i able to say at the end of a day, that this is where i added value to myself? Am i able to plan anything and stick to my day plan? There are so many variables in life at the moment.... And then i wonder... who will step up and raise his/her hand and say i need to control this... i need to change things here... There lies an answer... It will have to be me!!!!

I guess as i write, the answer just struck me suddenly.. It is about picking up good habits... small things may need to change... sleep at the right time.. work outs.... reading.... there is a host of things really... but the onus will be on me.. It is my life!! So ladies and gentlemen, maybe each one of us needs to take time and take out that 30 minutes in the day and question ourselves!! I just realised... maybe..this is my time!! My own personal time....


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time Management....

Any one of you folks have some nice time/schedule management tips? Thought no harm in asking people how they do it!! Please comment....Will appreciate it...


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Been a tough last 6-7 months. Been disappointed with myself...Unhappy...things have not worked out in pretty much every way possible....Lost some really genuine friends...Lost some great chances at being happy...picked up bad habits...lost them ...picked back again...no discipline...no focus..Gained weight...Totally unlike the person that i have always been proud of being...And then there is one fine day when one decides...this is it...Lets take control...Maybe needed a push and a tug...AND like it always does..came from inside...So that i felt like blogging today...meant that i am pretty much getting back!! :) Thats a good sign...SO here goes the samurai..starting again after a long hiatus....You will keep hearing from me more often then folks....


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Creating a War Story - 2

So much happening in life suddenly.. work taking its toll... Personal front busy...in the middle of a crucial phase of career...So as the Samurai sat down today.. waiting to start the 2 (big if not biggest) days in his career... he wonders...what hut and speh would have said or what Dr. Kuruvilla would have said... Kuch kijiye na sir.. target poora karna hai na sir... Its a very funny feeling...Honestly, more scared than anything else..... so will it get sealed... will all end well? Will the internal and external stakeholders be satisfied? Obviously what keeps him running is the belief that there is immense hard work and thought that has gone into it.... The fact that he genuinely believes that "he belongs".... Rest without being fatalistic.... God will take care.... but butterflies are there.. If this works out.... the war story will be written down in part 3 & part 4. Its a range of emotions on all ends and he still has to focus... will he wont he... time will tell :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Creating a War Story

Its exciting, gut-wrenching, scary, excruciating.... adjectives galore... but the Samurai still can't come up with the correct word.....Maybe its a heady mix of all of the above, but it is definitely a defining moment...The result will separate the boys from men....For all of those who do not know... i talk about events on the professional front....Will the Samurai end up a war hero or a damp squib.. time will tell...The only thing that keeps him going is that there is honesty in effort... there is no malice towards anyone and he is working hard because he genuinely believes he can make a difference... Kim Woo Chong... (not the best guy to quote..but nonetheless).. once said... "There is a time for everything... before that you can keep trying and you will not achieve success".  Without sounding fatalistic, let me assure you, the Samurai does believe in that... Whether his time has come :) Time will tell... However one thing he can promise, and that is effort!! He has applied every single word of what Dr. Mohan Kuruvilla taught him in his B2B sales class.... For those of you who can relate to it or who have read my old posts... the answer is simple... "Sir Kuch Kijiye na sir... Target poora karna hai na sir" :)

So long....

The Samurai

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barrack Hussein Obama

The Samurai has been observing Obama closely for the last 6 months. The rise of  the young, charismatic and intellectual Barrack Obama has been nothing short of inspiring. The way he has motivated crowds, gathered money for his campaign, he became a symbol of hope not only for the african-american community or Americans, but for the entire world. His popularity cuts across race, religion or nationality.  And as he took oath today as the most powerful man on earth, one could not help but wish the man good luck!! 

He appears to have a plan and a backup for just about everything. His south asia policy however still looks a little iffy. Whether his lack of foreign policy experience will be exposed  in handling rogue south asian nations  or for that matter the west bank, ghaza crisis - only time will tell. How he handles economy will again be a key parameter indicating the difference between promises and results. Will he? Will he not? There is hope all around...

One just wishes maybe our leaders also rose above partisan, divisive politics and take a leaf out of his book. The way this country respects its soldiers is an eye opener. Being an army officer's kid, it is just hurting when one sees the callousness by the way our army is treated. One just gets a feelign its not for no reason that america is one of the greatest nations in the world. We are no less, but we really need to learn.....Maybe its eloquent speeches with sharp messages that has led the Samurai to take barrack for his word, but all said and done, the man definitely has something special in him......Go Obama!